Thursday, January 11, 2018

Best Title Ever

Reward your hard worker with warning letter, award lazy employee with best employees award, and promote lazy employees. That is the best way to run a business, I know this for a fact because that is how I run Apple Waffle Inc. Fun fact, take short cut at work to get success.

Dear waffle eater, I'm sure you were wondering where was I for the whole year of 2017. The truth is I've been away like Luke Skywalker. Yes, I was in a desolated island, cut my self from the force and waiting to die. Except I didn't milk the local walrus there. I drink only booze mix with rhino ejaculates.

By the way, did anyone like Star Wars the Last Jedi. Honestly, that movie make me puke and throw away my imaginary lightsaber. It is a privilege to watch the death of a franchise. Anyone who like the movie deserve to watch human centipede in 3D.

Could we expect a lot of post this year since I'm writing again? Nobody know, so don't bet any of your testicle or ovary on this to be a long term thing.

Anyway fuck you , fuck me and fuck everybody.

Your sincerely,
CEO of Apple Waffle Inc
Emperor of Colorado and Boston