Monday, March 18, 2013

Proper Bashing

Once in a while you need a proper bashing on how weak or incompetent you are. Who need proper bashing you ask?

a) You
b) You
c)Your Mom
c) You

(I don't need a  proper bashing because I bash myself everyday...with a hammer)

What is a proper bashing? Proper bashing is when someone use a very loud tone to tell you how unacceptable your condition now and point out all your flaw. I mean of all em, even how small your genital

(Who put spaghetti on top of a pizza? I find it effing ridiculous.  Stop abusing food or Italian mafia will strip your grandma naked ....and destroy your toaster)

Nora Danish is secretly a mafia, she is Italian from her father's side

Furthermore, proper bashing give you the real hard truth that you fail to see or trying to escape of. (Don't escape your problem or it come back to haunt you with a chainsaw and a 5 inch strap-on. ) Besides that, proper bashing is a reality check, to slap you from your complacency and star acting right. Yes, proper bashing come with the pain and agony of feeling violated in the arse insulted to the core but deep inside you must, without a doubt, admit you fucking deserve it. 

(Keough stop wasting time writing blog when you barely have enough time to study! *Bash self repeatedly with hammer)

Most may be feeling crestfallen ,however it is most beneficial to really use it to improve yourself and make a plan to correct your flaw.Find a solution to stop making the same old mistake. The person who give you the proper bashing a.k.a your-alcoholic-dad clearly have your best interest at heart and want to see you be a successful man Batman

Batman was once receive proper bashing from Keough and thats how he  become what he is now

Who want to be told you are a failure and yet you need it so you could propelled your-self higher. Never give up and never stop working. Success will come eventually. Slowly but surely, you will emerge victorious after toiling Batman

Thanks for watching today's episode of Apple Waffle. I'm Keough and I had a feeling my female
classmates intentionally block my view from the slide projection with their arse during class  =__=
I mean all of them?? come on..this must be an Illuminati conspiracies to fail my exam

Old Drama

I was born in the year 1990, at time your mom still a prostitute Dr Mahathir is still prime minister.   As a kid, I spent ludacris amount of time watching television. I was never interested to play outside, to me, television is the best thing ever. thanks a lot television for making me an introvert.  I live to watch television. As I watch television a lot, a good amount of time was spend watching Malay drama and movie.

Now days , Malay actor/actress is hugging each other here and there. Not wanting to sound like grandpa, but BACK IN MY DAYS, THESE WOULD NOT BE HAPPENING .
I remember back then,there is no hug scene and the actor and actress wear decent cloth. I feel somewhat irritated, taken aback and my libido decrease 10% . I feel like jumping of the building. 

It's like they are promoting youngster and young adult to follow suit. 

Then I ask myself, I have been watching English drama where they are hugging, why that is right,and Malay doing it is wrong. (it is because there is no french kiss in Malay drama?) Well, even I don't understand myself. So I just can't answer that. ( But I can give Arnold Scwheizenager sweat dripping from his sweaty-bollock)

Photo of my uncle

So what do you think about today's Malay drama? leave a comment below and win and imaginary Viva.

Thanks for watching today's episode of Apple Waffle. I'm Keough and you like Arnold Schweizenager sweaty balls.


1. Don't talk about other girl in front of her, your grandma,your sister, your cousin nephew friend,ex-girlfriend,whatever, GIRL HATE THAT..this include actress and your favorite local hooker and pornstar

2. Carry her bag when you go shoping,open door for her,be a gentleman rules

3. Foot the bill...nuff seriously think 145 times before you want a gf. If you still wearing the same boxer for the past 10 years..forget it,you can't afford a girlfriend

4.tell her she is beautiful everyday...even thought she look crappy to the point she might win Miss Universe in Planet Hairy-Armpit

look at all the money I don't have

5. Don't curse... example : Avada is a unforgivable curse that will land you into Azkaban

6. be clean, shave that dirt on your face homie

7. don't smoke unless she is cool with it

8. Dress to impress. Side note,if I ever see u wear pink, my ex-CIA bodyguard will personally castrate you and wank in front of you.

9. If you are still reading, you are really desperate to get a girl... fucking loser pftt

10. If all else fail,become a monk or start stalking your friend's mom.

photo of my bodyguard