Sunday, July 24, 2011


today post is STRICTLY for male only,those who have boob and vagina please navigate away from this blog. Those who read this post revoke the right to judge me as pervert (and agree jew is scum of the earth)

please answer this test honestly from deep of your rotten and porn-filled heart

1. what do you do if you see a naked boob?
a) run away like ninja
b) run away backward
c) twist the nipple
d) slap it 200x

2. what do you do if a hot bitch faint ?
a) strip her bra
b)draw mustache on her face and then strip her bra
c) rape her
d) rape her dog

3. What is condom?
a) an item I probably wont need now
b) something I found in my parent bedroom
c) an item I use everyday
d) an item I neglect during anal sex  (feel like wanna puke? me too.......)

4. Have you ever fantasized about doing it?
a) errrrrrrrrrrrr.......
b) YESS!
c) well,why not...its free baby~
d) not now, busy fantasizing

5. do you have herpes?
a) is that some kind of a food?
c) could you help me find my herpes medication?
d) could I skip this question?

now for the result,if you guys/awesome-fucker answer most question

A  you are a are so noob that even my grandpa is cooler than you

B pervert-in-the-making

C serial-rapist

D if most of your answer is D, you are a crazy nut's a wonder nobody still haven't put you in a mental institution

thx for reading today's episode of Apple Waffle. Chill out, I'm Keough and my roommate want to fuck your ass.(im serious)