Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Lou-se Day

This story have been approved by audience who have twitter or have I-phone.
Please switch off all handphone while reading this article.
The character in this story is  fictional, any resemblance to real people is purely intentional ,so f-cking deal with it.
                        and I don't give a f-ck if you get permanent disabilities (kecacatan kekal) from reading this article/ ajaran sesat.

[Ah Beng, Ah Chong and Ah Keough is in a coffee shop] 

Ah Beng : Lu olang ar, today is 16 May, you know we celebrate what today?

Keough: We celebrate the day I do it with your mom?

Ah Beng : l*ncau lu, shut up.

Ah Chong : Easy one lar, today we celebrate Teachers Day. The day we say tenkiu to all our lou-tze talkin about teacher, I got a stoly about this teacher,let's call her Madam Z, she teach me during year 3 until year 6 in plimaly school. She was vely vely helpful one. She even recommended me to a good secondary school. My family is indebted to her.
Picture of Madam Z at the age of 19

Keough/ the-white-lion : woah nice stoly one...for a bapuk...keh keh keh...

*Ah Chong flip middle finger to keough *

Mr Busuk Hati's favorite shirt
Keough : my turn you see this tall teacher...let's call him Mr Busuk Hati. He teach me Kemahiran hidup during form2. At that time I just bought a new pokemon cards, and obviously that pokemon cards cost me a lot of money. Then Mr Busuk Hati rampas that card from me. Cib*i. After that, I try ask him give back my cards but that fucker said " saya tak nak pulangkan". cib*i punya lou tze. I hope he choke from eating roti canai.

passport picture of Mr Mustached Pedophile

Ah Beng : haiya, why you bring the card to school in the first place, of course lou tze fast-fast rampas the card. ur fault lar. my story ar,this teacher, let's call him Mr Mustached Pedophile. You see, he f-cking humiliate me in front of the whole class. Ok maybe I was wrong for talking in class, but he doesn't need to humiliate me, that accident scared  my youth forever. Even though it is long long ago stoly, I still hate him. One day if I'm lucky, I'm gonna f-cking rape Mr Mustached Pedophile daughter...let her daughter be traumatized like I was.

Ah Keough : Gila ar you? wanna go to jail izzit? no need to go extend..molest sikit-sikit tak pe lar

Ah Chong : you both gila one..haiya.. Why did I even friends with you guys

Ah Beng and Ah Keough together : because we sleep with your mom

Ah Chong :  .......................................................did you use plotection? i dont want a new brother