Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Deal With Fag Ass

When I say fag ass,I don't mean the rear end of a homosexual man,I'm talking about motherfucker(s) noob who constantly make you piss. I hope I make this clear. I bet real homosexual guy behave better than this fag ass.

These idiotic fag ass is pain in the ass to deal with,so this is my humble suggestion on how to deal with fag ass and lead a happy-fag-ass-free-life.

1. Call Nigerian Police Officer
Obviously someone who feel sick pleasure from other people misery must come from Nigeria. So, it is crucial we sent this fag-ass back to where they belong, to Nigeria. (Sometimes these Nigerian will go through plastic surgery to make them not black anymore.So keep a keen eye to any white-skin-fag-ass)

2. Call the Mexican Orphanage
It is scientifically proven fact that 97%  fag-ass is adopted bastard.(other 3% is reincarnation of Osama Bin Laden) Their real parents is dead a long time ago.,so most of fag-ass is sent by a kereta kancil from Nigeria to  a Mexican orphanage (funded by Mexican drug cartel). It is more than appropriate the orphanage take back this fag-ass.

Osama Bin Laden with his proud collection of Twilight books

3. Hire a homeless man to beat the shit out of them.
Everyone know a homeless man (especially from Bangladesh) know Wing Chun and other Shaolin Kung Fu. Hire the homeless man from Bangladesh to BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THE MOTHERFUCKING FAG ASS. The job is considered done after the intended target is dead or lost his ability to gain erection. Most of this homeless assassins are willing to accept any kind of payment raging from 30 cents to 50 cents.If you pay them double the price,they even kill the fag-ass family. (that's what I call a bargain~!!  )

fag-ass is allergic to Wing Chun (and karipap)

4.Call Chief of Police Najib's mom
We all know Najib's mom is the most powerful person in Malaysia. I'm sure getting rid of these demonic fag-ass is in the best interest of the country,and even Najib's mom's will help you. (and I'm not talking Najib the sate seller). Better yet,make a new law in Parliament; fag ass will be hang to death and their Facebook/Twitter account permanently deleted.

5. Call Ambiga.
Ambiga is the mother of all fag ass. So it is proper for the mother to discipline their son.

If all else fails,move to Canada, Tikam Batu or Somalia Tokyo.

near to the beach! great!

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