Saturday, July 16, 2016

What the fuck phone,why you use malaysian time when im in jakarta

Murder is the answer to all our worldly problem.

Hate your unresponsible aunty who won't take care of your grandma.kill them

Need a promotion? Kill the one u report to and replace them.

Tired of friend who is full of shit...kill them.....

Your dad give you shitty childhood and now you are a reclusive fuck face,kill your dad.

Tired of bollock politician? Well i really can't recommend killing them bcoz i dont want to go to prison so use your own fucking judgement, faggot.

Disclaimer...this is all a joke..please do not murder people or kill other people.what is wrong with you? THIS IS JUST A JOKEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! $*&$*#*#&*#(#(#&(@)/^*@)!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things that matter

The hot shower wash away the humanly misery and pain inflicted by other human, making me innocent once more. The painting of pink roses on the wall tell me that life is still beautiful and interesting and luring me to keep staring at it. The blanket soothe me with word of comfort and promises of a better future. I learned to appreciate the friendship I have and care about people that really care about me. The world is never out to get me, but without a doubt the inhabitants find pleasure in hurting others. Amazing world, shitty inhabitants and that sum it up quite nicely. I build a stone wall around me to protect me from the cruel and hateful people that never love me. An invisible fotress that protect me from harm and such. I love you world and I definitely think we would have a long and happy relationship. :)

Monday, July 11, 2016

Young,dumb and full of cum

10 things not to do while working at midnight shift.

  1. Practice krav maga on the laptop
  2. Cum on your workmate face
  3. Support jew and israel
  4. Buy military grade rifle using company email
  5. Search emma watson nude photo
  6. Open every locker and steal all the food
  7. Eat dried horse penis
  8. Admire your new blonde hair on the office window reflection at the locker area
  9. Fall in love with your friend's mom
  10. Write a blog (clothing is optional)
P/s:fuck u and have a nice day

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Reasonable insanity

10 thing not to do when you are bored and all your friend is asshole or non-existence or imaginary

  1. Cry like a bitch
  2. Wank to the photo of jonas brothers
  3. Slap ur butt while singing the foo
  4. Molest an one armed orphan
  5. Fuck a camel
  6. Fuck a baby camel
  7. Watch the bachelor
  8. Praying to satan
  9. Suprise prostate surgery to unsuspecting victom
  10. Write a blog without pant (tee hee)
P/s:fuck u

Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Blot In The History of Mankind

I'm of the weed and cocaine so thas gonna be the ugly half-naked truth.

I could see people I know is now in a better place than me and they are absolutely going to an even much better place.

I could see my life spiraling into a deeper abyss where I can't turn back and correct whatever regret I have.

I am really ashamed for I have done in the past and I'm not sure this guilt is valid or just the depression talking.

Whatever innocence I have left is gone and now I only wonder how did it come to this.

This self-loathing is not healthy at all.

The Tragic Story of Lotus and The Shadow Under a Windmill

Life is disease where the cure is death. Suffering is a powerful word. All we do in this world is suffer and suffering is all there is. Do not delude yourself with the luxury of free will and ephemeral happiness nor the the pursuit of happiness. Happiness does not exist. The only truth is suffering. Pain beyond agony, hurt beyond the embodiment of all mortality and doom desire. What are we if not a trickling in sea of darkness. We are made of nothing and universe demand us to be rid of existence. All the achievement in the history pale compare to the shining light of the decadent sun of cruelty and incompetence of human nature. A poet may be a poet may does, but still condemnation of the insincere society is his birthright. The passport to abridge sadness and madness and dash of pure brilliance is just theoretical. None has been more pure academic than the conjecture that there is the slightest chance being happy. No postulation has been more imprecise than the there is still good in people. After all being said and done,we are nothing but a bag of bone and flesh. Are we too blind to see happiness is the biggest lie we ever invented? 
Follow the true path my child