Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sleepy Head

WHAT THE FUCK? A friend of mine is sleeping in class?? What is the point of attending class if you wanna sleep??? It's not that I never sleep in class before but believe me,I tried my best to stay awake, it was an honest mistake,I ACCIDENTALLY  fall asleep. ( what to do, your presentation is so fucking boring....and I sleep late last night,don't ask why or else your genital will fall off,I know a bomoh Siam)

Even Dr House use the service of bomoh siam

If I was the lecturer in the class, I slap anyone who fall asleep,and I slap them good! I will be like "Wake the fuck up SLEEPY HEAD!FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT--BLAMMM BLAMM BLAMM--a few repeated smack on the face.... Hulk smashh!....  The way these people tend to sleep I think, Snorlax and these people must be cousin. At least Snorlax  has huge dick, people who sleep in class is dickless. And if they are lucky, they might have a chance to taste a flying elbow, Om Bak style~  (Muay Thai rocks! those who disagree that muay thai rocks  have to let me touch their boob as registration fee to disagree)

Come on man, you pay god-damn-money $$$ for college fee so you can sleep in class? Geez, I guess you must be fucking rich. Please don't waste your money, you deserve to be treated better by yourself ok?

Thx for reading today's episode of Apple Waffle. Chill out, I'm Keough and I DONT DO COCCAINE ..most of the time..