Friday, June 28, 2013

Stupid Cunt Episode 1 : Misguided Plot

Really, you need to pray in front of my door?
The house is like 30 feet square and you want to pray in front of my door?

You are fucking genius.

Of all the places? In front of my door?

You are lucky the door open inward,not swing outward of the room.

The only reason I could draw from this situation is you are a STUPID CUNT

Go back to whichever shit-hole you come from

I am grateful you are not the development ministry because your location-judgement is so poor, we might end up having garbage dump in front of our house door step.
He will be like, why not build a slaughterhouse next to a kindergarten ?
Why not build swimming pool beside the large smelly drain?


(I try come up with a clever title, the word "plot" in the title is a "land plot" , not a "evil plot"......
anyone thinks it's clever? neither)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Weird Fore-play

In my campus there is this futsal court where it is often frequent by the crowd on the evening.

Watching them play is like a foreplay.

I am not ashamed to tell you that as a futsal fanatic , my heart beat faster ,I feel breathless in excitement when I saw them play but I can't play with them becoz those lunatics was never happy to let me play.
Then I ponder upon myself , " What kind of  foreplay is this?" Is there anything more kinky than this foreplay?

It's like going to the stripper club. You can see the naked tits and other naked body part such as shoulder, and nose but you can't touch it or else the bouncer throw you out.

This scumbag keep spamming my facebook, don't you know I'm engage?? Jesus on a stake

Any of you noticed that my blog is being updated very fast? It is because suddenly I have this overflowing idea, like a prostitute overflowing cum in a threesome .

(Did you just spilled milk on your laptop after reading the last sentence? I sure did)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Work Hard Mate

Just ask yourself
Why people work hard?
People work hard because they have ambition.

What is your ambition?

People who have ambition jump off the building from the bed and be highly over-productive.That's why they are so happy. They are doing their best

I want you,right now write your ambition on a piece of paper such as Osama Bin Laden birth certificate.

Osama Bin Laden's shoe when he was a baby.Good taste

Thanks for reading Apple Waffle. I'm  Keough and you are a great person.
I hope u know that and I believe u can achieve your ambition!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Congratulatory Mandate

Your mama so fat,when she walk past my window,I lost 5 days of sunlight

(I must say I put out the worse ever title for a blog, if you see me, don't hesitate, I repeat,don't hesiate to punch me on my mangina because I fcuking deserve it)

(Why bother write a blog if I'm gonna write just ONE SENTENCE? Geez. This is laziness on steroid)

Pessimistically Reverse

Everyone need a pat on the back. Why not say
1.good job
2. you did great today
3. you work hard today,im proud of you
4. well done
5. u have a perky nipple
5. you did your best, you should be proud

you will lighten up that person, you will cheer him/her out. (don't apply to jew and half-jew, they don't need a pat on the back,don't encourage them to kill more...duh...your butt is so dumb my mangina facepalm 3times)

photo of my ex-wife to encourage you to follow my blog more often , you lazy cunt

Thanks for reading Apple Waffle, my name is Sir Keough ,and your dad has a perky nipple. (dont ask how I know this *toss binocular under the bed*)

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Anguish,Really, You Want To Pin It On Me? I Que For Half An Hour

Whatever complain you have ,there is people in the world who suffer a hundred times more than you did.
Whatever you are facing, there are people who face far much much much much worse than you did.

Whenever you have a problem, there is usually a way around it. The solution is in the corner in front of you. You can't see it because complaints-induced cataract and sorrow-induced macular degenaration.

Humanity have survive and endure for like 8000 years or so (the number might be wrong,im just estimating the figure). Our ancestor have survive fire, earth, water , wind and nature. Humanity have solve whatever problems arised a thousands times maybe more,again and again. So whatever your problem, you can solve it.

People in other part of the world is facing extreme poverty, diseases and armed conflict,so you should be ashamed of yourself if you are crying over your problem.

I love you all. You are the best.