Saturday, January 14, 2012


you have been warned

       Hello waffle-eater, I have a bad day today. As you can see, there is this b*tch/mother-of-all-whore but just let call her your-slutty-girlfriend. I was surfing the net (   It's awesome, go check it out ). Suddenly this flat-chested b*tch girlfriend of yours come and asked me to use the computer. Since the computer is not mine, it belong to the the University, I agreed to let your-girlfriend use it. Besides, she gonna use for work and I'm just surfing the net for leisure purposes, obviously I have some obligation to let your-slutty-girlfriend use the computer. With all honesty, I'm totally fine with that. She need the computer more than I do. Then,your-slutty-girlfriend asked me is it okay if she close the internet browser and I SPECIFICALLY say NO,don't close because I still want to use the computer later after she is done with whatever the f*ck she gonna do.

However, she straight away CLOSE THE F*CKING BROWSER even thought I specifically say NO, DON'T CLOSE THE BROWSER.

Why can't she f*cking minimize the browser?
How hard it is to minimize the browser? 
Did she know how long it take to load F*ck her!
It take 2 minutes of agony to load that web page. 
Do you know how much mom I could do within 2 minutes?


Free middle finger to you, B*tch

My Theory What Make Her Close My Web Page Instead of Minimize It
  1. She is dumb
  2. She practice anal sex
  3. she was adopted
  4. She has a dick
  5. she hate black people
  6. she give punctured condom to her Bapuk Boy-friend so she could have a baby
  7. She never pay-tax
  8. She vote for U*** (I'm just sayin')
  9. She is a malay
  10. Her father was an alcoholic bastard but now a drug junkie 
  11. She is a racist
  12. she molest orphan on daily basis
Thanx for reading today's very rotten Apple Waffle. Chill out, I'm Keough and you ARE AWESOME!.


That day, all my classmate have to present. It's a group assignment. My group was supposed to be the second group presenter. I even god-damn motherf***ing motherf***er told the lecturer my group want to be the second group. So, I officially booked the second spot right? (You better agree or I tell your mom you do drug)

After that, the first group finish their so-called presentation (more like crap to me ).As I rose from my seat, I was astounded because a motherf**king backstabbing cocksucker group took over the second place. Bewildered as I am, I keep calm and ask my awesome group leader what the hell is happening? She said the other group wanna present their material first. In short, this back-stabbing cocksucker group
  cut the queue and jump in front of my group. (I don't know much, but  I assume a backstabbing queue-cutter love to suck cock)

Not wanting to create unneeded drama and avoiding further conflict, I decided to let it slide.
Troll           : Just admit it Keough, you're a pussy. You don't stick to your gun.
KEOUGH : Shut up troll. It's not that I don't have a ball to stick to my guns. It all happened too fast. Damn-it.

What's the point of me booking the second spot with the lecturer in the first place if the other group decide to cut the queue anyway? This total injustice make me sick. If you are dying to be the second group presenter   you should have inform the lecturer earlier than me.

That's not all folk. Then another group a.k.a Kongsi Gelap Klang want to jump in front of us again! Like I'm gonna let that happen again. I'm not gonna let another group steam-rolled my group! This time, I shove the middle finger try to reason with the Kongsi Gelap Klang members. At first, due to their uncivilized nature, they did not want to back off. After a five-minute gentle persuasion (my definition of gentle : no F word ), the Kongsi Gelap Klang agreed to back off.

Kanye West was reported to be the leader of Kongsi Gelap Klang
Thanx for reading today's nerdy Apple Waffle. Chill out, I'm Keough and don't be a cocksucker, please queue up!