Sunday, September 2, 2012


Usually I censor my blog from profanity, but you know what? today just fuck it.
if you don't want to listen to curses, just go watch Nickelodeon or something.

I have to admit, never in my life I witness a whole bunch of group , so faggot they create a new level of homosexualism. I deem they are worthy of the title COCKSUCKER. You know why?

(not because they suck their own cock, even though it's true they do suck their own cock from time to time)

It is because their attitude. They are so full of themselves , they might explode any moment with their own rudeness and plain disregard to other human being.  I personally believe its a crime NOT to kill this motherfucking-cocksuckers. The world is much much much better place without them. And I though jew was bad. These cocksucker are worse than jew. Just put it that way. If jew see these motherfucking cocksuckers, they will be like "oww man, these cocksucker are like, more faggot than us."

Most guy would play futsal nicely right? Not these fuckers, just imagine you were walking then someone punch you in the face for no reason,then do it again every 5 minutes. Or better yet, imagine you were surfing the internet, then they bring a bag of cow shit ,pour into your laptop, your laptop become so mentally scared it start downloading  gay porn non-stop ..........and THEN...... they punch you in the face. They hate you AND your family.

So we agreed these cocksuckers could FUCK OFF 

You thought if you don't retaliate all those harsh treatment, they will change their attitude. No no no..wait wait wait a fucking seconds, they will continue to grind you until you become a fine powder to be use as soup flavoring. 

This is my open letter to these motherfucking cocksuckers.


I wish to complain in the strongest term regarding your conduct on our recent futsal match. Please find a surgical scalpel. I would be grateful if you could cut your own dick and balls, make a low-fat cock sandwich and force your mother to eat that sandwich. Furthermore, go FUCK YOURSELVES.


Thanks for watching today's episode of Apple Waffle, and I ashamed to share the same galaxy with these motherfucking cocksuckers.