Monday, March 5, 2012

Me Are Dumb

What's up bitches?  Ooops.... *clear throat*  I mean,Hello waffle-eaters. Long time no see. I hope you still remember me, Keough, the most handsome fail-rapper-wannabe in Malaysia. First of all, if you are wondering where I've been for the last one year,  I was busy smoking weed.thanks for your concern, I love you all.   But if you are jew or always do assignment at the last minute,please seriously fcuk off,get off my blog.
photo of me without my glasses

I'm here to address something important that been kept inside my chest (and scrotum) for ages now. I am sick and tired looking pathetic and hopelessly dumb and clueless in front of my lecturer. Every time I go to tutorials, the teacher will have these disappointed look on their face. I doubt my classmate fcukers and I ever met the lecturer expectations. I find it less-than-awesome when you know in your heart (and scrotum) that the lecturer have to teach only simple stuff for 2 hours because the class is so fcuking dumb.

photo of one of my classmate. we are so fcuking dumb.

My really big scrotum and  I personally believe the function of the tutorial is to inspire the students to study more. Trust me, all my lecturer are great and powerful people. They all have 10 penises. Just kidding, they only have 9 dicks. But joke aside, my lecturer are hospital specialist and they don't just shake their balls to get to where they are now. I'm sure to be awesome like them, it involve a lot of hard work, unyielding dedication, courage, never say die attitude and sex. Mostly sex. (lol)

photo of the size of my balls

Ok, I thinks that's all for now. Time for me to fcuk off and time for you to make me roti canai, bitch!. Thanks for reading today's episode of Apple Waaffle, I'm Keough and I like to gang bang your mom.