Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bitch Be Loud

What's up b*tches? oops,sorry.. What I mean to say is what's up faggots?! (Don't play dumb, we all know you are gay-er than Justin Bieber)

            Ok,moving on. I a.k.a two-time-World Champion-in-Time-Wasting is eating breakfast in some random cafeteria. As I was enjoying the spicy tasty delicious three-Ringgit Roti Sardin, I then heard an alarmingly loud female voice (louder than my roommate orgasm) . Munching my mamak-ish cuisine, I turn my back to search for the source of the the voice. Turn out to be a b*tch three table away from me, talking way to loud for my comfort on the phone. 
weed sardine-flavored roti canai

          The cafeteria  is a really huge hall, yet her voice resonate through out the hall. From the looks of other people faces in the cafetaria,they too, were profoundly discomfort by that bitch a.k.a your mother's voice. Some were doing glaring your mother with the word "annoyed" written all over their face while a few just don' give a fcuk and continue with their breakfast and early morning newspaper. 

Picture of your mother (before she got AIDS)

        Why the hell she/your mother has penis to talk so loud on the phone? Is it because she want the world to know what the f-ck she talking about???!!??? God-damn-it, I don't want to know what happen in your life, b*tch. Shut the fcuk up. I was half-expecting somebody to punch her in the  And what did she do for her job that she develop such powerful vocal chord? Is she a singer or something? By the way, I bet the guy she deep-throat 10 years ago still ejaculate to this day. (food for thought, has anyone ever die from over-ejaculation?? )

           Thanks for reading Apple Waffle, I'm Keough and I molest orphan on a daily basis.