Monday, November 26, 2012

Obnoxious Toilet

Yours truly a.k.a Keough (the most handsome person in the galaxy) go toilet to piss ,but was surprise by a nasty shock. The toilet bowl seat is full of urine. how could this be? Who on earth pee so badly and DON'T WASH THEIR OWN MESS????? I mean, the aim are so bad. I am so glad the person who is responsible for the urine on toilet bowl is not a soldier or he will shoot his own platoon member!

So I start to wonder what kind of people who pee ON THE TOILET BOWL AND DONT WASH THEIR OWN MESSS. I made a list of people who belong in this unhygienic group. Trust me, I have science and fact to back this up. (And my fist if necessary to convince you)


1. my roommate Bush roommate Hitler    

3. my roommate Satan

4. my roommate Kanye West

5. my roommate Chris Brown

6. my roommate Justin Bieber

7. my roommate Scarlett Johansson 

8. my roommate Taylor Swift

9.  my roommate Alien

10. my roommate Ray William Johnson

Thx for watching today's episode of Apple Waffle. I am Keough and you are awesome. 


This is Eddy's guide to classmate. If you never have a classmate before,it is either
a. you are homeless
b. you are an antelope living in the sanvannah
c. you are al qaeda member

Classmate could be helpful. They tell when is class ,help you with work and whatnot but most probably you will end up with fiendish and satan-reincarnation-ish as classmates.

Yes this apply to you Mr Taliban-faggot a.k.a my group leader a.k.a CUNT. My esteemed college did nothing to notify or inform me the class is held earlier than scheduled, so the time I arrived at the class, it's already over, and people are packing their bag to go home and the lecturer is signing off the attendance sheet.

WTF is going on????? WHY ARE THEY SO HEARTLESS???? (congratulations for being such an arsehole,go get yourself a medal for it)

Picture of one of my classmate

I bust my arse driving 30 km to class for nothing? To make it worse Mr Taliban-CUNT asked me ' How does it feels coming here just to poop?" (because I have to poop nearby the class when I arrive, nothing to worry's not explosive diarehea,thanks for your concern, you fucking anal-licker)

The nerve!!! You make me unable to attend the class and then you know I just drove 30 km for nothing, and THEN YOU ASK ME HOW DOES IT FEEL???????

I TELL YOU HOW I FEEL you sick cunt,(notice the intensity of anger of these word as I can't type the word any bigger than this)

Thanks for watching today's episode of Apple Waffle, I am Eddy and I approve my blog albeit what my mom would say....