Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Phew, the last post was pretty dark and un-fun. Rest assure waffle-eater,after a few round of genuine Afghanistan weed and 10 kg of cocaine,I feel much better. Well,since my white matter and gyri of my brain still functioning,lets write another bullshit that nobody will read about. (By the way fellow blogger, don't criticize government or we might end up in jail *wink wink*,who knows what they refer as offensive,but im pretty sure its include the word ................pineapple).

Fuck fuck shit motherfucking fuck ass tit fuck.

Now that we already done the compulsory swear in Apple Waffle blog,lets move on to the topic..............After this commercial~ 

Feeling tired? Constant Stresss and possibly terminated by your company? Headache? Don't worry, Use Keough-dol.It is 100 times more effective than panadol. Relieve all your pain instantly!

Consult your local doctor before use. Side effect may include vomiting,death , man-boob and erectile dysfuntion.Battery not included.

Photo of Jennifer Lawrence to make sure you keep reading.

Any proud and respected government want to retain power in the next election. Okay governments around the world,this is your lucky day because I will teach you how to definitely win an election. Just follow this fool-proof step and be amaze of the result!


Step 1 : This step is very important ,make sure there is 2.6 billion in your personal account
Step 2 : Remove the subsidies for rice,cooking oil and cooking gas
Step 3 : Increase price for highway toll,taxi,public transport,water bill and electric bill
Step 4 : Fire your deputy prime minister
Step 5 : Open an investment company that lose money around 40 billion 
Step 6 : Fire/transfer the chairman of the committee that investigate possible corruption 
Step 7 : Add 40 new voting area in one of your state.
Step 8 : Promise to reveal who gave you 2.6 billion donation
Step 9 : break your promise and don't reveal the guy who gave you the 2.6 billion donation
Step 10: jail anyone who try criticize you,especially through blog

........and done.

This is all funny because the poor citizen will suffer a lot.HAHAHAHHA right?

Thanks for watching Apple Waffle, my name is Keough and I support my government,especially the Prime Minister.